How to set feedback comments for a particular chapter?

Hi Experts,   In my application I have a Questionaire section where user can answer for each question asked by Admin. The question set based on particular chapter. So user first get the chapter list and then open any chapter and get all the related questions based on the Chapter.    Currently, we have added a new field named as Comment section at the last of the Question set for each Chapter. Now user can provide a feedback on the comment section for each chapter. I implemented the required functionality.   However, today I found that wherever I used the same chapter, the comments of the particular chapter being captured previously. And if I changed it for the particular chapter, it’s changing every where. Even the previously closed questionset getting the latest comments for that chapter.   As a solution I need to set the comments for the particular chapter for the particular Questionset. So that if I used a chapter multiple time in multiple questionset the comment section not remains same for everyone.   Can anyone suggest me some solution on this?     
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Hi Tanmay,

1. Create a "ChapterComment" entity to store comments with attributes like "Chapter" and "QuestionSet".
2. Update the Question Set entity to include a reference to the "ChapterComment" entity.
3. Display comments by retrieving the associated "ChapterComment" entity based on the selected chapter and Question Set.
4. Allow users to submit comments, creating or updating the relevant "ChapterComment" entity.
5. Retrieve the associated comments based on the chapter and specific context in other sections where the chapter is displayed.