Data Grid 2 - Checkbox selection, filtering removes selection

Hi,   Is there any way checkboxes can be linked to a helper object using Data Grid 2?   Currently we’re trying to implement a workflow where: A user searches for a record (e.g. by Name) → Selects it A user searches for a second record (e.g. again by Name) → Selects it The user then executes something on both of these records.    We can functionally get this to work by using the Change Selection events and saving each selection by modifying an association with a helper object. The trouble is that we can’t “set” the checkboxes for each record in data grid 2 using this helper object.   Therefore you run into cases as a user where you see an account you’ve previously selected as “unchecked” whereas it was actually “checked”.
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1 way you can do this is: Assume you have 2 associations drawn between the same 2 entities.

1 is for all possible items that can be searched and selected

1 is for selected items

UI wise it might be little tricky but you can show 2 datagrids or listviews to seperate the concerns.


Also did you check the DataGrids MultiSelection property? wont it serve your purposes? (you click to select and you ctrl+click to unselect)