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Hi Experts, Hope you doing Good!   I have one action button of which onClick action is set to show page and i have attached newly created page to that button, but its showing error. I have attached screenshot of same. Can you please advise what needs to be corrected  
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For CE1568 error : on Click of action button inPage_2 , 

either use a microflow to open this page and pass the columns as the parameter to columns_NewEdit page


You can set it ‘s data source to microflow and then in the microflow => Add a create object & select columns object  and then return it.


For CW4010 error : Make sure you have to choose columns object as a page parameter in SaveColPage.


Hope it helps!


When you encounter an error while trying to show a newly created page from an action button in Mendix, 

there are several potential reasons for this issue. Here are some common things to check:

Verify Page Configuration: 

Ensure that the newly created page is properly configured with the necessary data sources, widgets, and entities. 

Make sure that all required attributes and associations are correctly set up.

Check Security Settings: 

Verify that the user roles or security settings are appropriately configured to allow access to the new page.

 If the user lacks the necessary permissions, it can result in an error.

Review Microflow/Nanoflow: 

If you are using a microflow or nanoflow to show the page, double-check the actions and conditions in the flow to ensure there are no issues. 

Make sure the microflow/nanoflow is triggered correctly from the action button.

Button Configuration: 

Check the action button's properties to confirm that it is set up correctly to display the intended page. 

Ensure that the "Page" property of the button points to the correct page you want to display.

Error Logs: 

Inspect the application logs or console for detailed error messages that might shed light on the cause of the problem.


Hi Malay,

  • Check if the 'columns' parameter is set up correctly on the new page ('NewEdt').
  • Make sure the data type of 'columns' matches what the page expects.
  • Verify that the 'NewEdt' page is associated with the right data entity.
  • Check if there's a microflow or nanoflow as the button's action, and ensure it passes the 'columns' parameter correctly.