Help regarding adding and aggregating values in ColumnChart

Dear Mendix Community,   Currently, I'm facing a challenge regarding showing and aggregating numeric values inside or on top of a bar using the widget "Column Chart" Version 3.0.1. I have tried switching to AnyCharts, yet I was unsuccessful in implementing the exact from my manager wished chart! For the sake of demonstrating the issue, I created an example with random values: I would like to add to the following graph, the values from the left, so that they 1. Show the sum of each column on top of it. And 2. Show the value of each of the series inside of each column.   I would appreciate any help! Thanks in advance :) Best, Mahdi P.S. Please note that I have had a number of suggestions to switch to using AnyChart, and I have invested many hours (with the help of people). Yet I could not achieve to implement the graph shown on the left of the photo. That's when I received a tip regarding using version 3.0.1 of ColumnChart which has shown to be a nice tool!
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