Importing Data with Excel Importer

Hello, I have a large amount of data to import into the app and I use the excel importer. The data coming in has fields such as changedBy, owner, createdDate, and changedDate. When I match those fields with the fields in the Mendix entities it overwrites the changedBy and owner to whoever imported the data and createdDate and changedDate to the current date. I am using the system members in Mendix for the changedBy, owner, createdDate, and changedDate. Is their a way to have the imported data populate those attributes or will it always change to the person importing and the current date?
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Hi Andie,


The documentation states that the system members are automatically set by the server. There might be a way around it, but it would probably be faster to just use custom attributes and logic. Also, they are not supported for displaying directly in a data grid.