Community Commons update leads to Java compilation error

I’m currently updating from Mendix 8.18.8 to 9.24.5.  As part of that, I’m updating the Community Commons module from 8.2.0 to 8.8.2.    I’m facing the same compilation error message as this question, however, since I’m downloading the most up-to-date Community Commons module, I fail to see why their solution does not simply work in my case.   Here are my steps so far: Open Mendix Studio Pro 8.18.8 As per their recommendation, delete all existing jar files required by the Community Commons module in the userlib folder Replace existing Community Commons module (at this point, I can peer into the javasource and see that calls Runtime 8’s version of execute based on the signature.  This is expected) 360 return Core.execute(c, microflowName, params); To import the module into Studio Pro 9.24.5, I need to export the module while in 8.18.8.  This intermediary step is necessary because if I try to import the module 8.8.2 into Studio Pro 9 directly, I get a module loading error saying it needs to be opened between version 8.12.0 and 8.18.99. While exporting, select dependencies.  Here’s where I think I’m in a bind.  If I include the javasource, then the above code snippet is retained, even though Runtime 9’s version of execute is expecting something different, thus causing the compilation error seen in the linked question.  If I don’t include it, well then, obviously no javasource is included and I get even more compilation errors   To all this, I simply ask, what is the proper way to update Community Commons 8.8.2 so that it is usable in Mendix 9 Studio Pro?  My above steps were pieced together by what I’d read from other questions, module documentation, and error messages.  This time, I’d like to follow the steps of an official guide or at least someone who has gone through the updating process and can help me see where I’m amiss.
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Hi Tyler,


Have you by chance tried not including the JavaSource files (or include them and then delete them manually), and then re-installing the Community Commons module so that you get only the latest files needed? You could try repeating that process in each of the migrations that you are performing.


I hope that somewhat helps you, regards!