Getting This page isnt responding error pop-up

  Hi Team I am facing this error on some pages when I try to edit any record so when I checked so, found that it's because of reference set select widget as it is trying to retrieve huge no of associated records in dropdown as shown in below screenshot: if we make it non editable then it is working fine but with edit it gives this error and get slow down, take some time to load screen Is there any way/trick to fix this types of issue?
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Hello , hope this can help you ! , and let me know if there are any other questions 

You can try to use a serchable selector , wich you can download here 

then you open the widget it would be something like this 


- Then you click on Data Source and after that  you can click on selectable objects 


- There you can found diferent ways to filter the information the way you want and instead of retrieving the no associated info , for example you can create a new micrflow to do that