How to set the listen-to-widget selection based on the page parameter first?

Hello everyone, I'm facing a situation with the "listen-to-widget" feature, and I'm seeking your assistance. Here's the scenario: I'm dealing with a company's list of suppliers, organized within a supply chain. In a data grid, all these suppliers are visible, but when you access the details of a specific supplier, you see the supply chain on the left-hand side with a sorting option (from the head supplier to sub-suppliers based on their role). On the right-hand side, you see the details of the selected supplier. In the current setup, I have a list view (listview1) for the suppliers, and the widget (dataveiw1) on the right-hand side is set to listen that list. Now, here's my question, issue, or goal: When I land on the page, I'm fetching the supply chain of that supplier and displaying the details of the chosen supplier. However, it always displays the head supplier (item1) as default, which is at the top of the list. What I want is to display the supplier I clicked on and passed as a page parameter (item0) first, and then show the ones the user selects afterward (items1-2-3-4). So far, I haven't been able to find a way to achieve this. I appreciate any ideas or suggestions you can provide in advance. Thank you!  
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Change the data view to source is microflow and make sure the selected supplier can be found from that flow.

So on the page where you seletc the first supplier, set a boolean value on the supplier and in de datasource microflow search for the supplier with the boolean = true.

Then on selecting in the page above in the left grid trigger an action that sets the boolean and resets the other currently true boolean and refresh the page object to trigger the datasource microflow for the dataview.

This could be a workaround.