Data grid 1 select all functionality

Hi,   How can we use select all button (selection type : select all) in the data grid (with simple multiselection) and delete all the records selected in one go? Because if I set the selection type as select all of select all button and use a default delete action button, it gives error.      I have a search section. Based on some criteria, I get the filtered results. That number might be huge, so, we have pagination applied. Now the filtered result fetched needs to be selected (by slection type as : select all) and deleted all at once.
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Hi Anusha Sinha,

  1. Create a Action button and name as DeleteAll.
  2. Write a microflow which deletes all the records and add refresh
  3. Double click on the DeleteAll Button
  4. In the microflow setting – Click edit
  5. In the microflow arguments – Select all rows of the grid
  6. And ask confirmations as Yes
  7. Please check the below screenshot


Hope you find it helpful!


Alternatively, you could create an Action button with a Microflow linked to it.

In my case, the datagrid holds a list of Departments. And below is the simple microflow

Make sure you take a look at who has access to the microflow and maybe add the confirmation pop up (via microflow settings)



Hope this helps.