The International Phone Input widget deletes an attribute value when it tries to retrieve it

  I have a very big problem with the International Phone Input widget ( On the surface it works fine, I have configured it and am using it in the Edit Object window. When I save an entity, I know that the number is saved correctly (the attribute value is exactly as I entered it, or more precisely, as the widget formatted it). However, when I try to edit the entity with this plugin (in the same object edit window), the value is always empty. It seems that the widget doesn't retrieve the data from the entity, it just sets the value to empty when retrieving it. I noticed that this only happens when you set "Phone number attributes" in the widget settings to the field where you want to make the change. If this is not set, everything works fine. It is a bit as if the widget wanted to "decode" the number (which it had previously formatted itself by using spaces between the numbers) and assign it to the correct country, but in doing so it erased the value (perhaps simply as a result of a decoding error, it is hard to say). The thing is that this setting adds the phone number data with the code of the selected country and formats the number (e.g. separates the digits according to the country standard). Has anyone experienced this problem?
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