How to change the decimal separator in BarChart?

Hi,   We are using barchart and we want to change the decimal separator. Now to separate the decimals we get a "." and we want to appear a ",".   The json we are using right now to make it appear is this:     Thanks, Mikel Castro
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Hello Mike,


If I understand the problem here, you want to show the text that is visible on the bar should be transformed from (37.33) to (37, 33) likewise.


For this, you need to change the showcasing of data by converting the decimal to string and replacing the “.” to “,”. which will help to solve your problem. I hope you are using Any charts for rendering the charts. Because something similar to your requirement we have tried.


Hi Mikel


Have a look at this documentation page:

This will help you format your decimal number to any visualization you like.


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