How to configure tree-view widget for multiple parents ?

I am using a tree-view widget to represent tree structure in which I want one object associated with multiple parents like - Object A |     – Object B |     – Object C - Object D |     – Object F |     – Object C   I am not able to configure the Tree-view widget for it. Need help in configuring the Tree-view widget
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As the branches of a tree are coming from the stem and not from two stems, maybe treeview is not the best option…..

It is very difficult to guess what you already tried, and what you want to achieve

Are all these objects of the same objecttype e.g. persons having a person as manager? 

What does your domain model look like? 

Do you want the tree view more levels deep? In that case you can maybe fix it with a datasource microflow for the second level. In my “person” example that would work. 


In below setup you can expand all persons and see the employees reporting to them as well as the teams that they are managing. From the teams then you can see all the members in a team….




Unfortunately you cannot make recursive snippets, otherwise it would be solved with a snippet that includes itself. But as you probably do know the maximum of levels you could reach you can solve it with an Xpath (or microflow) for the dataretrieval and including multiple tree nodes again with xpath's for retrieval…

First level has xpath: [not(AddressManagement.Person_ReportsTo_Person/AddressManagement.Person)] To avoid having all the employees in the 1st node...

The rest have [AddressManagement.Person_ReportsTo_Person = $currentObject]