Configuring autocomplete widget

Hello team,   I’m configuring autocomplete widget and I want to constraint the data coming through the search attribute. I have selected the source and  search attribute. But I want to constrain the data coming from the source entity. In general we use the “constrain by” option in the “selectable object tabs” in reference selector to constrain the data but in autocomplete widget, using xpath as “search type” I’m not getting the paths to constrain the data. Is there any option to obtain this using xpath as search type in autocomplete widget.  I have gone through the documentation already but did not understand it well. These 3 options DATA CONSTRAINT, CONSTRAINED BY(context), CONSTRAINED BY(source) are bit confusing. Any help would be grateful. Thanks Subhrajit.
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No sure if i fully understand what you're asking but the “data constraint” works like a xpath.

E.g. constraining your search result to objects that are active, use [active = true]. You could also use a enum value as your search type. 


Hope this helps!