AnySearch widget from the Grid Search Widget Pack stopped working with upgrade to Mendix 9.24

Hi,   We recently tried to upgrade to Mendix 9.24, from 9.18.7. But it seems that this disables the work of the AnySearch widget from the Grid Search Widget Pack (Mendix Marketplace - Grid Search). Since this widget is used on various important pages in our application we would like to spare ourselves the effort of working around, or having to get the widget out.  We have tried to reach out to the developer of the widget: Issues · tieniber/GridSearch ( But to no avail yet.    Does anyone have a work around, or an idea on if this widget will get updated to work in Mendix version 9.24 and up?    Thanks in advance!
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We currently have it up and running again. Apparantly the widget itself updated, we managed to undo the update and now it is working as expected again. 


If you run into this issue, we do still need to wait for a react version. But it does work if properly installed and tweaked.