The data grid drop-down filter widget must be placed inside the header of the Data grid 2.0 widget.

Hi,   I have placed the Data Grid drop-down filter into the Header Filters area in the Data Grid 2. I need advice to solve this filter header issue which currently using Mendix v10.2, I have no issue at previous versions.
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I decided to use template grid instead. If anyone do have the solution for this Data Grid 2, do update here. Thanks.


Hi Teoh Ming Sui,

Seeing that your implementation worked on previous Mendix Studio Pro versions, I recommend that you try a newer version of Studio Pro (10.3.0) to see if that fixes the problem.

There’s a couple of bugs related to drop-down and Data grid 2 that were fixed in 10.2 and 10.3 versions, as seen in the releases notes :

We fixed an issue where a Data Grid 2 module configured with an XPath data source with a not equal constraint did not apply the filters on associations that had been specified in the drop-down filter widget. (Ticket 191292)

We fixed an issue where the drop-down filter in the data grid widget was not closed when the page was scrolled. Starting with this version, multiselect filters in the data grid are closed as soon as the page is scrolled. (Ticket 163319)

I hope that helps you fix the issue, best regards!