Configuration Data Grid 2 - Reordering

Hello together, when I try to save the configuration to a DataGrid 2, the sorting or hiding is saved, but not the reordering. Is this a bug or is the reordering not saved by default? When I take a look in the documentation of the DataGrid2 under the chapter “8 Configuration” then I can read the following sentence: “In this way, if you re-open your page then the current sorted columns, order, and hidden columns will remain the same as in the previous state. “. If I don't misunderstand the sentence then the DataGrid2 should also store the ordering. Can anyone help me with this? Thank you!
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Hi Berkan!


You can resolve this issue by having an onchange microflow that commits the object that stores your configuration.


There is a bug in Mendix 10.2 version where even a commit does not save your order, it saves sorting.


You can find a tutorial on how I have done it here: