Datagrid2 no longer saves column order on exit and reenter.

Hi everyone.   I am trying to get column order to save when a user rearranges the columns in a datagrid2. I have been able to get this feature in another application by surrounding the datagrid2 with a dataview object that contains the configuration string required to store the order of columns as explained in the mendix docs. This is not working now for some reason in mendix version 9.24.4 and Data Widgets version 2.8.8. This feature was working however in mendix version 9.18.4 and Data Widgets version 2.6.1.   Other than that the only differences between the two apps is that in the working solution the dataview is using a page paremeter object and the datagrid2 is using an xpath. In the nonworking solution both the dataview and the datagrid2 are using microflows which are still calling the same helper object id.    Are there any suggestions to this problem?
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On October 13th, 2023 Mendix released update v2.9.0 which fixed this issue on my side. Now it's possible to save column order once again. It does not matter how the data is being retrieved which answers my previous question. :)