Displaying duplicate child nodes in tree table

Hello, We have a problem displaying child Nodes in tree table. In the case of a structure with duplicate child nodes as shown below, the child nodes will only be displayed for one parent node.      Title1        ├SubTitle1        └SubTitle2     Title2        ├SubTitle1        └SubTitle2   -Display on the app (Actually, "Title1" has "SubTitle1" and "SubTitle2" as children.)   -Domain Model   -Tree Table Settings     If you have any information regarding this issue, please let me know.
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Hi Masaki Watanabe,


It might be because you have assigned the children of Title2 to Title1 also and vise versa.

So please verify the child nodes or delete your data and create again and assign the parent rightly so find the correct details.

I have done the same implementation and same configuration and I see it right.


Hope this helps!