Google Gantt chart widget usage

Hello!   It is my first time here and i am relatively new to Mendix. So ive been trying to create a gantt chart in my mendix app (specifically for learning purposes). I have found 2 widgets in Marketplace, one of them being GoogleGantt. So google gantt widget needs 2 inputs, one being Entity with specific attributes and then a microflow which returns the list of rows (entities). I have tried everything i can get my hands on, from changing formatting of data where it comes from (excel table) to making date and time a string attribute etc. Nothing worked and im continuously getting this error:     I understand what it means and its implications, however i cannot get rid of it. Any help would be appreciated! 
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Hey Filip,


I'm currently also trying to use this widget. I got the same error as you in the beginning and also managed to fix it. Sadly afterwards the chart only said "error" as an error and nothing further.

Did you manage to realy get this module working?

Could you please share some insights on what entities you are using etc?


Thanks and Best Regards