Empty list placeholder inside a list view

Hello everyone !   I have a list view inset inside a list view. I want to use the emtpy list placeholder to hide the second list if it is empty.   But when i include the empty list placeholder inside, it either shows all the second level list views or hides all the second level list views. (Understandable since they will all have the same class)   Is there any way of getting this to work? Or any other widget which might work better here ?
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Hi there,


Trying conditional visibility doesn't work as your $currentObject will be from the first list, not the second list.


Instead, I used the solution from this forum answer https://forum.mendix.com/link/space/user-experience/questions/102359 to achieve what I believe you were looking for.


Adding a class to the second list:




Hides the second list view when it's empty:



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