Native SSO not opening Home Native page

Hi all!   I've implemented a custom widget for Native apps SSO following this tutorial. I can succesfully login in the app, however, the app does not redirects to the Home Native page, it redirects to the Home Web page.   So my options would be: Keep trying to figure out why (which I've been already expending lot of time); With a javascrit action, open the proper page for each UserRole. Option 2 for now would be interesting, as the widget triggers a nanoflow when the user succesfully authenticate with SSO, but this nanoflow access is set to the anonymous user, and openning a page directly from there implicates in security issues, so that's way I had the idea of, through a Javascript action, open the page "manually".   Any thoughts on this? Does someone experienced this before?
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We're working on a Mobile SSO module that's product supported. Stay tuned.