How to Pass a Parameter from Pluggable Widget to Microflow

Hello Mendix Community,   I'm currently working with a pluggable widget, and I'm aiming to add a specific functionality to it. When a user clicks on an item within the widget, I want to open a Mendix page that requires an entity parameter. The GUID of this entity is available from the widget itself.   Here's a breakdown of what I'm trying to achieve:   When a user clicks on an item in the pluggable widget, I need to pass the GUID as a parameter to a microflow. In the microflow, I want to call a Java action that retrieves the specific entity based on the provided GUID. Once I have the entity, I'd like to open a Mendix page with this entity as a parameter.   The challenge I'm facing is that I'm unable to pass the parameter to the microflow when calling the execute action on the microflow. It's important to note that I'm using the Pluggable Widget API.   I would greatly appreciate any guidance, suggestions, or examples on how to achieve this workflow effectively. Thank you in advance for your assistance.   Best regards,  ISSA
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