Mendix PDF Document Generation: fixed footer on each page?

Hi,   I'm implementing the new PDF Document Generation module for an app where users have to print excel like documents.    One of the requirements is that if the printout is large than 1 page, the table header and footer are recurring on each page. I've not able to get this to work with the new PDF Document Generator.   As workaround I was thinking of counting the amount of rows I can have on one page. Call the PDF Generation action multiple times for a limited set of rows and then use MergeMultiplePDF's to create one PDF.   The only downside with that is that I do not know how high the rows will be as there is going to be some dynamic content in one of the fields, making the entire row higher.   Any ideas? 
2 answers

Check out this widget created by Marcel Groeneweg.


Set Enable Header to Yes



Add a table in the header and show the column name in the table. In the data grid keep the column header empty