Hos to style a Pie Chart Widget

Hello all, I have been trying to style a pie chart trough the Mendix v10.1.1 widget using the "Advanced " tag and I can only make some changes effective using a json object with  the example fields:   {  "font": {    "family": "Open Sans",    "size": 12,    "color": "#FFF"  },  "autosize": true,  "hovermode": "closest",  "hoverlabel": {    "bgcolor": "#888",    "bordercolor": "#888",    "font": {      "color": "#FFF"    }  },  "margin": {    "l": 60,    "r": 60,    "b": 60,    "t": 60,    "pad": 10  },  "showlegend": false,  "xaxis": {    "title": {},    "showgrid": false  },  "yaxis": {    "title": {},    "showgrid": false  },  "legend": {    "font": {      "family": "Open Sans",      "size": 14,      "color": "#555"    }  }   When I try to style the pie chart's slices colors using the toggle editor, "trace 0" category, I cannot make the changes effective usig in Mendix widget   Plus if I try some animation when clicking the pie's slices, I dont have flexibility to define that behaviour through the charts default widget.   Any ideia? Thanks in advance
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