How to get the generated pdf

I tried to generate pdf using screen shot component, but it generated pdf using the browser, did not store the generated pdf in the mendix entity, so I can not manipulate the pdf, for example, to display the generated pdf in the file document viewer component; I've also tried using a document template to generate PDFS, which allows me to store the generated PDFS in a mendix entity and display them in a pdf presentation component, but I don't seem to see the list component in the template when I want to display the list. Ask the gods, is there any other way to generate pdf, and can be displayed in the pdf display component, pdf also supports the display list. The following diagram shows the supported components in the document template. Displaying lists is not supported.
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Did you look at the new PDF Document Generation from Mendix? This works easier then the old document template logic as you can actually create a Mendix page and turn it into a PDF. So you will have list views available.


Note that the PDF Document Generation for now only is supported locally and in Mendix Cloud.


Hello Hu,


The Document Template is the traditional way of generating PDFs on Mendix. It has some limitations, as you have noticed. See this video from MendixWithMe

and this from Master Mendix


There's a new way of doing PDF Generator using the DocumentGeneration Module. The PDF generation using this module is server side. See this video from MendixWithMe

and Medium article


In addition, there's a way to generate the PDF client side, using JavaScript and Nanoflows. See this video: