How to upload photos to Markdown widget?

Hi, all!   How can I add my own photos to Markdown widget (Mendix Marketplace - Markdown Editor and Viewer), instead of using URLs? For example, how can I add a screenshot that I have taken on my computer?   Edit: I found an option in the documentation uploadImage which I set to true and now I can drag in an image, but it throws an error that says: "Something went wrong when uploading the image filename.jpg." I see that there is an option called imageUploadEndpoint, but I don't see how it can be configured.   I will also appreciate any other widget that can support Markdown with image upload.
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Hi Elina,


The widget is based on react-native-render-html they document it can include images.

Though i did not tried it out with Mendix images, and it might require a change in the widget.


For a project i took an other approach, used images, with a list of content items, with one type for text and an other for images. The image was shown by normal Image widget.

Do you can to upload from you mobile device or in web app? On the web the Rich Text editor can help  you, with native you have build something yourself.


Cheers, Andries