Year Calendar -React native package

Hi Everyone, I'm trying to build an native widget to show only the years.I need the UI to be as same as in react native date picker(there are two lines that are fixed and years should be scrollable). Can Anyone help me with the react native code?   Thanks in advance. Arunadevi P
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Hey Arunadevi,


For building widgets you can follow Mendix documentation for it

And also second option will be (not recommending as a great option) you can find some widget on martketplace and just adjust code how ever you want. But definitely building your own widget is better option.


Best regards, Slavko


Hi slavko,


I'm building my own custom widget for showing calendars with only years. I couldn't find any react native packages available .Can you please suggest me some of the packages?


Thanks in Advance,

Arunadevi P