How to add export to Excel button in new update data widget

Hi Any on guide me to how to add export to Excel button on data grid 2 as the new data grid 2 has that option as per the update
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There is an 'Export to Excel' JS action you can call from a nanoflow. You need to pass the name of the DG2 widget and a few other parameters for that.

regards, Fabian


I also had the issue that i updated the widget and the new export didnt show. Here is how i solved it:


Go to the Marketplace Modules in your Studio Pro (left side)

Import the javascript file ive attached here. For some reason, the update didnt add this and i simply checked the code and added it + attributes.


Adding this javascript action should be enough when you call it from a button.


Javascript action export to excel datagrid 2


Hey Manthan,


I believe (others please correct me if I'm wrong) DataGridd2 don't yet support export to excel, you should create custom logic for that here is a link to post.