Jupyter widgets ecosystem for graph visualization

what are best practices or approach to use Jupyter notebook widget.   I want to use ipycytoscape, which offers integration between Pandas DataFrames and NetworkX, for graph visualization of the data. the ipycytoscape offers a broad variety of data visualization tools for exploratory analysis in the notebook. want to use for minimum code ontop of it in Mendix
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Jupyter notebooks is a complete different development environment than Mendix. There seems to be some react components on github like this, but I have never seen that implemented. You can also not run Python within Mendix, but only on a seperate server with a REST interface if you want to use the results in Mendix.


You can use Jupyter notebooks in Visual Studio Code.


The resulting ML models can be used in Mendix. But you look for visualisations.


You can create a Mendix widget for visualisations with https://github.com/plotly/react-cytoscapejs