Front end problem

Hello experts, I have a requirement to put a button on the page, click on it and a text box appears below it, then click on it a text box appears below the last, how do I achieve this?
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In Mendix you need to think in Objects. No object, no value in or output.

Thus if you want to have a textbox, where you can enter a value, you need an string attribute, which is part of an object. This object must be created before you can enter any value. Creating this object is based on a entity defined in the domain model. So you can achieve this by taking the following steps


  1. Add an entity to you domain model
  2. Add at least an attribute to the entity of type string
  3. Create a page
  4. Add a listview on this page and set datasource to database and select the new entity
  5. Add a textbox widget to the list and connect it to the string attribute
  6. Set the listview editable (listview properties)
  7. Add a button to the page and configure as follows
    1. Call microflow
    2. Create a new microflow ACT_EntityName_Create
    3. Add create activity to the microflow
    4. Create object of your new entity
    5. Refresh in client: YES
  8. Connect your page to navigation
  9. Run your project
  10. Open app and navigate to the page; TADA!


Hope this helps