Why Timer Microflow widget keeps requesting a missing parameter?

The Microflow Timer is supposed to be inside the data view or template grid .... in this case if a microflow is running inside this template grid successfully, and I place a timer inside of it calling the same microflow it might automatically consider the existing parameters.  Did anyone encounter the same problem?   It is really annoying to deal with Mendix, coding from scratch is always better!
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Looks like you are referring to the the following scenario (or something similar).

- A page contains a dataview

- Inside the dataview there is a listview


A microflow triggered from a button inside the listview can have a parameter for both the listview item and the dataview object where if used in a microflow timer, you can only use 1 parameter (for the listview item). Yes, this is a limitation. Could be there is a technical reason for it. Maybe create an Idea for updating the widget.


A workaround could be to see if you can retrieve the dataview object in the microflow. That way you can use the same microflow for the timer and button.