Data Grid2 Not selecting All elements

I'm using data grid 2 widgets (from the new Data widgets module).   I have 100's of data's which is visible using Data Grid 2 widget. I'm using pagination to show only 10 rows in a page.    I'm using Select All feature which is introduced in the new release (Data Widgets with Multi checkbox option)   The problem here is, the select all selecting all the 10 rows in the page and not the other 90 rows in the complete grid.   It's because some problem in my Microflow or something else?   Note: I have read and try to understand little bit of code implementation in Data Widgets GIT. But couldn't able to understand where the exact implementation was done. If in case if it's from code base, do let me know I will try to debug and ready to create a pull request for the same.
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Hi Amarnath,

As an alternative option, I would suggest you to use data grid instead of data grid 2 if you would like to especially select all the rows in the complete grid. 

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