Single Click on Datagrid 2 doesnt work if cell is custom content

Hi all, So I have one Datagrid 2 that has cells that are populated by attribute and another by custom content. The issue is when it's custom content and I click on the text the selection doesn't occur. But if it's by attribute the selection occurs. Also, I would like to maintain the custom content because I wanted to use the widget for the double-click. Can anyone help? The highlighted red is the custom content.
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Hi there,


It appears the problem is that using custom content adds an additional div element that blocks that click action:



To reduce the impact this div element has, you could apply a CSS style such as "display:contents" so all of the whitespace is clickable:




Which can be added using the dynamic class in the data grid column:



I couldn't find any CSS solutions to allow the content to be clicked as well. One fix to this would be to create a Javascript action that triggers the change in style once the content is clicked. But this might not work for future versions of Data Grid 2




Hope this helps,