Create a form with inline editing and object creation

I have a requirement where I need to create a data grid or form like structure where I can: Create objects related to a parameter in the page Delete the object of that row clicking a trash icon Create a new row by clicking the + icon displaying the total sum of the balance column at the end. Enumerating the items automatically like the column on the left in the picture attached Any idea on how to achieve this?
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Hi Diego, you question is a bit vague. You should try to be more explicit about what is holding you back to get better help from the community.


However, I try below to answer your question in general, or you can watch this tutorial of my on youtube:


Create a domain model with a one-to-many relation between 2 entities:

- The page parameter (no idea which entity it is)

- The entity bank


On the page configure a page parameter and add this as a data view on the page.

In this data view, add an list view with the entity 'bank' through a datasource microflow or association.


Above the list view add a button to add a new item. The OnClick of this button should activate a microflow in which you run the 'Create Object' action.


In the listview show the details and add a button at the end of the line to delete the line. This button should also has an onclick action 'call microflow'. This microlow can handle the deletion of the object.


I hope this helps.