Filedropper - adding an image to an entity without a context

I came up with the idea that instead of creating a 1:1 relationship to my object with the company logo, I would replace the entity with a System.Image type - that way I don't have to care about additional relationships and I can have all the values within that entity with the image. However, I now face a problem: how do I change the image in the entity by editing the entity itself? What I mean is that I create a page with a form where user change the individual parameters, but I also want to be able to change the image itself. Filedropper requires a context, and I must admit that for me this widget is the most convenient way of adding an image by the user editing an entity. Is it possible to somehow force Filedropper not to add entities to the context, but to operate on the entity itself?
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Hi Lukasz,

If I understand your question, you'd like to have the UX of the file dropper, but don't want it to upload it to a seperate entity? I don't see why, exactly, can you elaborate on that?

I think you either have to rebuild parts of the widget or develop a work-around, as this is currently not possible.

As work-around, you can move the file content from a helper object to the logo and delete the helper object after commit/save of the logo. Let's call the helper entity FileDropperImage and associate that with your Logo entity, grant the right permissions and link the Filedropper widget to that association. Then in the widget settings, go to Events > After commit microflow and create a microflow that looks like this:


Alternatively, you can trigger the logic shown above by some save button.

Good luck!