Change email address feedback is sent to?

Hello all!   I have several feedback widgets on my application and my users are able to submit feedback (with screenshots), which is great. However all the feedback notifications currently come to my email address. I'm assuming this is because I am listed as the technical contact for my application. I have a shared inbox that is shared with the rest of my team and I would like to be able to direct the feedback notification emails there. I'm having difficulty figuring out where to configure this as it does not seem to be an option on the feedback page in the developer portal.    Is there a way to direct notification emails from the feedback widget to an inbox different to that of the technical contact? Or some way to send an email to a customised inbox when feedback is given?   Many thanks, Hartley
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Based on Mendix's documentation, sounds like scrum masters will get the email. Doesn't sound like there's a way to direct feedback email notifications to specific email boxes, they go to everyone on the team subscribed to notifications or scrum masters.