Native file documents - widget import issue

Hello there!   When importing the Native File Documents widget from the marketplace in studio pro v9.24.12, there is an error stating the following.   The selected nanoflow 'Applicaiton.SUB_NativeFileDocuments_IsLoggingEnabled' no longer exists.   I tried importing with the following versions - v6.0.1 & v6.0.0, but neither of them were helpful.   Is there any workaround to fix this issue and to make use of the widget?   Thanks in advance.
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Hello Abdul Gaffar Abuthalib,


A possible workaround to address this issue is to create a new nanoflow with a boolean return type and simply return true. This will bypass the error and allow you to proceed .

Additionally, for further clarification and guidance, I recommend referring to the documentation provided for the Native File Documents widget on the Mendix Marketplace: Native File Documents Widget Documentation. This documentation should provide insight into any recent changes or troubleshooting steps that may be necessary.

If you have any further questions or encounter any additional issues, please feel free to reach out.