How to add a video with a local URL?

I want to add a video that I have on my PC, but I don't know how to do it. Using the video player widget is not possible, and adding HTML inside the HTML snippet doesn't work either. In both cases, the video doesn't appear in the browser, only with a YouTube link. However, I don't want that because it's a video for the background of the homepage of my project
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Because you are referring to a local file, this will of course only be available when you run the app on your local machine.


If it is only required for testing/demo purposes, you can add the video file (mp4) to your web deployment directory. Assuming you are running on localhost:8080 and file is called video.mp4


In StudioPro, go to App | Show App Directory in Explorer. Then find the deployment folder and within that folder go to the web folder and drop your video file in there



You can then set http://localhost:8080/video.mp4 as your Video URL in the player widget.


!! Be aware, the deployment folder can be updated/refreshed/rebuilt and therefor the file will be removed, so you could also look into relative references to the file.