Additional data under Data Grid row

Is there any way to add a boolean-activated/callable object directly under a line in Data Grid 2 or Data Grid? The idea is to show additional details about the row that for some reason we don't want to show in the table itself (mainly for readability reasons). I know you will reply to use a listview but the point is that I want to be able to hide and show, resize etc the columns themselves which is equally complicated to achieve because you have to create a monstrous amount of variables associated with the object. I also know that I can listen to the widget and display the data elsewhere but I am asking about the specific possibility of using Data Grid [2]. Therefore, the question is not whether this can be done with a completely different widget but whether it is possible to create an additional field/container that will be displayed, for example, when a row is selected but directly below the row.
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Your assumption was indeed correct that people would suggest a list view for this, since this feature is not available out of the box in a data grid 2 or data grid 2 as far as I know. Perhaps someone else can give some more insights on this. 

The only idea that I have is to have labels with conditional visibility in one column of data grid 2, but then the additional content would only span the width of that column, so it is definitely not the best solution.