DataGrid2 Error whenever a user accesses it for the first time.

Hi   I am using the newest 2.13.0 version of DataWidgets with personalisation to remember both column sizes and filter options.  This is working perfectly for all users apart from the very first time they access the page with the DataGrid2 in it, they are given an error message but after reopening the page the error is no longer there and everything functions as intended.   My DGPersonalisation Entity is associated to Account and all DG2s are wrapped in a DataView which searches and returns DGPersonalisation if it exists and creates one if it doesn't.  This seems to run correctly when debugging but afterwards the error pops up.      
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Hi Grant


The cause of the error appears to be a unique constraint violation: duplicate column value violates its unique constraint.

This indicates that two items with the same id are created in your association table (as the table where the issue occurs is 'homepage$dgpersonalisation'.

This forum post has a similar issue, but perhaps it could be helpful: 

Good luck