Image viewer, type: icon, not displaying

Using 'image viewer' widget Image type: icon Image (icon) is not displaying at all when I run the app locally.   /file?guid=19703248379195074 Help on how to fix this will be much appreciated.   When image type is set to image, the image displays.   Using Mendix Studio Pro 10.6.3
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Hi Keyoma,


If I understand you in the right way 


Here are some steps you can take to troubleshoot and potentially resolve the issue:

  1. Check Image Path:

    • Ensure that the image path or URL you are using is correct. Verify that the file exists at the specified location.
  2. Verify Icon Images:

    • If you are using custom icon images, make sure they are in a supported format and properly loaded into the Mendix project.
  3. Clear Browser Cache:

    • Sometimes, browser caches can cause issues. Clear your browser cache and try running the app again.
  4. Check Image Viewer Configuration:

    • Double-check the configuration of the 'image viewer' widget when the image type is set to "icon." Ensure that all the properties, such as the Image property, are configured correctly.
  5. Browser Developer Tools:

    • Use your browser's developer tools (usually accessible by pressing F12) to check for any console errors or warnings when the page is loaded. This can provide more specific information about what might be going wrong.
  6. Widget Version:

    • Verify that you are using the correct and compatible version of the 'image viewer' widget. If there are newer versions available, consider updating to see if the issue has been addressed in a later release.


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Hi Keyoma Kriel

When you run on other environments does the imageviewer works fine?

Please try EasyImage/Universalfileviewer