Combobox: Custom footer with link, close combobox when clicked or always show a value

We have a combobox with a large number of possible values, making the "filter as you type" feature extremely useful. However, this list is not exhaustive. Therefore, we've provided an escape option labeled "Other." When the user selects "Other," a new field becomes visible through conditional visibility, where the user is able to enter their desired option. To enhance user-friendliness, we want to always display the 'Other' option. This way, if the user begins typing and their desired option is not available, they can immediately select the 'Other' option. We haven't found a method to always show 'Other'. Is this possible? Our solution was to use the custom footer with a button: 'Other'. By adding a microflow to this option that makes the association to the 'Other' option, we thought we'd be set. However, when you click the button, the association is set, but the combobox doesn't close.
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