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Hi, everyone! Is there a new alternative for Enumeration Toggle! It doesn't work in mendix 9 ?
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Hi Necdet


If you're looking for an alternative solution for handling enumerations in Mendix, you have a few options based on your requirements. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Dropdown Widget:

    • Use a standard Dropdown widget to display a list of enumeration values. This is a common and straightforward way to allow users to select from a predefined set of options.
  2. Radio Buttons:

    • If you want users to choose a single option from a set, you can use a set of Radio Buttons. Each button represents one of the enumeration values, and users can select only one option.
  3. Checkboxes:

    • If the enumeration allows for multiple selections, you can use a set of checkboxes to represent each option. This is suitable for cases where users can choose multiple values.
  4. List View with Microflow:

    • Create a List View and populate it with enumeration values. When the user clicks on an item, trigger a microflow to handle the selection logic. This provides more customization but requires additional configuration.
  5. Custom Widget:

    • If none of the standard Mendix widgets meet your requirements, consider creating a custom widget using Mendix's widget development capabilities. This allows you to build a widget tailored to your specific needs.
  6. Auto-Complete Widget:

    • Use an Auto-Complete widget to provide users with a searchable list of enumeration values. This can be beneficial when dealing with large sets of options.
  7. Dropdown Search Widget:

    • Some third-party widgets or modules available on the Mendix Marketplace might offer enhanced functionality for handling enumeration values, including searchable dropdowns or other advanced features.

When choosing the best alternative, consider the user experience, the nature of the data you're working with, and any specific requirements for your application. The choice will depend on whether you need single or multiple selections, the size of the enumeration set, and the overall design and usability of your application.




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Hi Necdet 

You can use Radiobutton list.


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Take a look at the new Combo Box widget from Mendix. It supports selections from multiple sources including Enumerations. It only works in Mendix 9.24.0 and above.




Jan gives a quick overview of the Combo Box widget in the release video for Mendix 10.5.



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