Styling Drag and Drop WIdget

Hey community,   I started using the Drag and Drop widget by Mendix: Mendix Marketplace - Drag and Drop (Updated)   Whenever displaying simple lists like this: Its no problem styling it. I just create a fake DataGrid Header above widget and so it looks like my other DataGrid2s. Therefore I set the left column to a fixed width. Even though this works for not so complex entities, I ran into a problem when trying to display more complex data. When I try to display a more complex entity I need more columns and so can't use fixed width. I used a grid inside a div which has a set of "grid-template-columns" where the headers are in and the divs of the DragNDrop widget are set to "display: contents" so I can place the elements inside the row also in the designated column.  I build a pretty complex css style to achieve it looking just like my DataGrid2s: The problem now is, that I can reorder the items without a code problem, but it doesn't display the spacers between items correctly and also the dragged item is way off and has weird formatting.   Has someone achieved such "complex" styling for this widget and/or has another idea on how to easily Drag and Drop rows in a DataGrid2? The main goal is to have "Auto-fit-content" columns in the header and the rows of this widget.
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