Set focus to File Manager

Hi, I am using the file manager to upload files. I am having trouble setting the focus to the FileManager when my page opens. The FileManager is the first option on the page but focus seems to ignore it (focus shows on the next available item after the filemanager).   I have tried adding a class to the FileManager and using Set Focus in the microflow which shows the popup, but this doesn't seem to work for the FileManager widget?   Any help greatly appreciated. I appreciate there is the filedroper option instead but I like the simplicity of the FileManager widget.
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Hi Elizabeth,


What kind of focus are you looking for? You can't type a filename in the input?


The only focus I can think of is on the button. You can try using the Set Focus action to focus on the button.

If this doesn't work, your only option is using a Javascript Snippet widget.

Enable jQuery and find the class of the button and use the following code to focus it:


Or even directly open the PC's File Manager:



Hope this helps!