Change value in data grid 2 with copy and paste the values from the excel

Hi mendix folks! I currently faced a akward request from client. They say that "Copy the value from Excel and paste it to data grid 2. But the location where the data will be inserted can be vary." For example, there is a data grid 2 like | col1  | col2  | col3 |  col4 | |  r1c1 | r1c2 | r1c3 | r1c4 | |  r2c1 | r2c2 | r2c3 | r2c4 | |  r3c1 | r3c2 | r3c3 | r3c4 | |  r4c1 | r4c2 | r4c3 | r4c4 |   if i copy a 2 x 2 table from excel, click r2c2 and Ctrl + v then values of r2c2, r2c3, r3c2, r3c3 are changed according to value from the excel. Is it possible to do it?  
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Don't think this is possible out to of the box or with existing market place content. Maybe you can submit is as an idea?