Calendar Widget - Start Date attribute problem

Hello everyone,   Note: We are using Mendix Studio Pro 9.24.16 and Calendar Widget 1.0.14, I don't know why but there was no option to chose 9.24.16 on the create a post page.   Recently we needed a way to show events on a page for event planning app and decided to use Calendar by Mendix. The setup was easy with the entity, data source microflow and parameters below   Entity:   Calendar Parameters:   Data Source Microflow:   Problem started when we tried to display a certain month by changing the ViewStartDate(Start date attribute field) attribute.   When the page opened, it would work with any date from the date picker which was saved on the ViewStartDate attribute using beginOfMonth function to display relevant month. However, when we click any of the Calendar control buttons(highlighted by red on the screenshot below) then change the date on the date picker calendar; stops responding to the it and can only be controlled by the buttons until the page is refreshed.     So far we tried debugging all the relevant microflows and saw the attributes filled with the correct values but couldn't find a way to make it work. Any idea how this could be solved?   Thanks in advance.
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