How to selected listview inside dataView

Hi,   I have a problem where I cannot select items in the listview, is there a solution to the problem I am experiencing?Currently I use the reference selector to open the "Material Select page" which displays a list of data using microflow and creates a custom filter, but the items in the listview cannot be selected.If you find a solution to the problem I am experiencing, I would be very grateful
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Hi Yansen,


Check the editability for both the dataview and the nested listview. Make sure this option is set to Yes. 




Hi Yansen, what do you mean by 'cannot be selected'?


Not being able to select something can be related to access management and security.

  • Do you have on the filter entity in your domaim model the write access configured for the material association for your user role?
  • How do you handle the select? Is it a nanoflow/microflow? Does the user has access to this nanoflow/microflow?


The best,