Getting Systme administartor error while loading 2000 rows in a Data grid

Hi Team,   What is the maximum capacity that a datagrid can accommodate or load at any given time? In my ongoing project, we utilize a datagrid with its datasource linked to a Microflow. Despite the Microflow successfully retrieving 2000+ rows from the database within 50 to 80 seconds, the datagrid fails to display the data consistently and often triggers an error message prompting users to contact the system administrator and we are using frontend pagination only. Is there a method to display all 2000 records without encountering errors? Additionally, could you provide information on the maximum amount of data the datagrid can handle without encountering errors?      
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What is the error that is thrown in the console? Could you elaborate?

And in the configuration of the data grid, what is the no. of rows set to?