How to prefilter in a DataGrid2

Hi! Here is my issue, I have a page which I use as a filter page, where I have a DataGrid2 with a  text filter and some data to filter, and I want to enter to the page with a predefined value for the text filter, with the filter aplied. I have tried to pass the value through the "Default Value" parameter of the text filter, and it works partially, but the filter is not aplied. Here is an example of what I have and what I want (suposing that the predefined value is "agua" for example): - What I have (The value sets automatically when enter the page but the filter is not aplied):  - What I want (The value sets and the filter sets automatically when enter the page):   Does any one have a sugestion to achieve this? Thanks in advance.
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Hi Oier,


I just tried a similar setup in Mendix 10.6.2 and the default filter was applied properly. I used datasource  type database.


In the tab "grid wide filtering" did you choose the correct attribute to apply the filtering to?

Or maybe you need to update to the latest version of the data widgets from the marketplace?